Ukrainassa tapahtui:

23.9.2013 klo 12:15:40
Alexander Bronstein
Dear Collectors and Guests of this site!

First, let me express my regrets, in the nearest future I will have no ability to monitor the site and extend the catalog.
I have had an imprudence to store two cameras "Ajax-12" in my collection, the same one has been sent to a collector in Czech Republic.
Some time after the parcel departure, the officers of the Security Service of Ukraine came to my house for a search, during this search I was forced to pass them the Ajax cameras from my collection.
At the present moment the Prosecution Service of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine accuse me on the basis of two articles: the Article 201 - "Contraband" and the Article 359 "Illegal purchase, sale or application of the special technical information collection media", the storage of such media is covered by these articles too.
By the way, this case is conducted by the office of the Security Service of Ukraine in Uzhgorod, that is two days away from Donetsk (the place of my residence).
Actually, all Ukrainian collectors are the criminals if they possess the devices, utilized by the Committee of State Security (KGB) in USSR in fifties-eighties past century.
Ukrainian laws unfairly provide for a criminal responsibility in case the media of «Ajax" type are resent or stored in a private collection. Nobody pays interest for a fact that these media have not been used for an intended purpose for a long time; they are just of an interest for collectors. Actually, the history of photo devices is preserved exactly due to the collectors’ efforts!
This law does not differentiate the modern and the out-of-date media – the device produced in fifties-seventies XX century is considered as a spying media.
Just for information – these devices were removed from the KGB inventory in early nineties past century; they were subject to writing-off. These devices were destroyed, discarded, and sold.
I would be very grateful if anyone of my colleagues-collectors feels emphatic to my situation of gross injustice and absurdity of Ukrainian legislation; if you want to help me – please do!
I accept any kind of help – verbal support, financial aid; or, if you have such ability, please organize media coverage of this case and let the society and the international human rights organizations be aware of it.
We are the persons who protect history in one of its expressions; I want the collectors not to be the subject of unfair and absurd prosecutions. I do not want us to waste time, money and energy, trying to be justified from the nonexistent crimes.
Alexander Komarov